D.L. – F/26

D.L. - 12 Week Progress

“I can honestly say I never once considered nutrition coaching. I’d see specials or coupons, but would always think “Nope, not for me!” I was going to do everything on my own! I have tried almost every diet and workout program. Sure I’d lose a smidgen of weight, but then I would plateau, get frustrated, give up and gain the weight back. I had the desire and ability, but not the proper knowledge.

After a weekend away I was about at my wits end, I was so frustrated with my weight. I decided to contact Brianna for coaching, and I’m thankful everyday I did! From the start I have been impressed by Brianna. Because she loves what she does and wants great results for everyone, she worked to ensure we were going to be a good fit. She didn’t just take me on as a client immediately, she first explained what her goals were for me. She also explained what was expected of me, and what she in turn would do for me. It all sounded so reasonable, yet very different from everything I had experienced before. I decided I was going to just trust Brianna to guide me, and it paid off!

I believe I hit the jackpot when it comes to coaches. I hear stories from friends who hire a personal trainer or coach who then gets “busy”, and either doesn’t get back to them or doesn’t give personalized attention to each client. Brianna is not one of those coaches! She has lived up to everything she promised and more. Through our months working together she has been a friend, mentor, coach, a cheerleader and a loving stickler. Everything I need. By letting go of every “diet tip” I had learned and deciding to listen to Brianna, I have truly seen her program work! The knowledge she has empowered me with has directly led to the results I’ve seen. I was yearning for a lifestyle change, and working with Brianna has exceeded every hope and dream I’ve had for what I could achieve. I’m so thankful to Brianna for being such a wonderful coach!”

Results (12 Weeks):

  • Calorie intake increased from 1300 – 2160kcal (Initial reverse diet phase)
  • Weight -6lb
  • Cardio decreased from 4x weekly to 1x
  • Implemented Neulinea weight training plan 4x weekly