• Personalized Nutrition Coaching

    • One-on-one consultative coaching to help you exceed your goals
    • Twice weekly email check-ins
    • 24-hour maximum email response time
    • Macros and training guidance for improved health, sports performance, and body re-composition
    • 12 week minimum commitment required, with ongoing options available
  • Meal Plan Templates

    • 6 or 12 Week Options
    • Customized Three Day Rotation Meal Plan
    • Includes three single-meal adjustments for variety
    • Weekly email check-ins to gauge progress and make necessary adjustments
  • Weight Training Templates

    • 4 or 5 day/week training options
    • Full-body weight training template
    • Includes consultation to modify template for injury accommodation, equipment available, etc.
    • 50% discount when purchased with any nutrition service

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