Brianna Neuwirth, RN



Health and wellness have always been an important part of my life. Being a native of beautiful Colorado, I enjoy a variety of outdoor sports; yet it was weight training that truly stole my heart. As a teenager, I remember saving my money to purchase personal training sessions at my local rec center. My trainer Laura instilled in me a love of strength training. Not only did she give me a solid foundation in the physiological aspects of training, she also taught me to continually challenge myself.

As I reached my early 20’s I began to realize that more than a good lifting routine was necessary in order to achieve the athletic physique I desired. I was becoming frustrated with my seeming inability to improve my physical appearance despite diligent and consistent efforts in the weight room. Having tried a wide array of popular dieting methods all to no avail, I decided to enlist the help of an online nutrition coach. The nutrition concepts she introduced me to, though very elementary, changed my life forever! I was finally seeing results that I never dreamed possible, and using an approach that fit my lifestyle and preferences. I came to learn that body re-composition is the true goal, not a lower number on the scale! That coaching experience became a launching pad for my insatiable quest to educate myself. I began to see that proper nutrition and consistent training are a truly powerful combination. Although I’ve already achieved more than I would have thought possible just a few years ago, I continue to strive toward the next goal. My mantra has become “Why can’t I do that?”

Currently, my fitness-related interests include physique and powerlifting sports. I hold the Colorado state bench press and push-pull records for the 52kg weight class in the USAPL. When I’m not training or coaching, I enjoy sewing children’s apparel, sampling new froyo combinations, managing my fantasy football teams (yes, plural), browsing food recipes on Pinterest, and volunteering as a Bible educator.

Coaching Philosophy

As a registered nurse and avid fitness enthusiast, I am passionate about the health and well-being of myself and my clients. I believe that the best approach to making real, sustained changes starts with a clean slate. In fact, the name Neulinea represents the beginning of a new idea or thought. I challenge clients to forget everything they’ve heard about traditional dieting, exercise, and weight-loss and welcome in a new way of thinking, a new way of reaching your fitness goals! As a coach and mentor, my aim is to not only provide you with a highly individualized program, but to provide you with knowledge that will empower you to take real control of your own health. As your knowledge increases and your confidence grows, you will be amazed at the physical and mental transformation that ensues. A progressive education in the fundamentals of nutrition, or in other words, “why we’re doing what we’re doing”, will help you forge a new path using a flexible approach that fits your lifestyle.

Many people, especially women, attempt to live in a caloric deficit (chronic dieters), ever striving to “just drop these extra 5, 10, 15 pounds.” Let me show you how a “reverse” diet may actually get you closer to your dream physique than you’ve ever thought possible. Learn how to properly fuel your body to burn fat and build muscle while eating more and feeling better. Find out how to properly prioritize your nutrition strategy to invest your time, energy, and resources in a way that will yield maximum results.

What this is not: This is not a gimmick or crash diet. This is not for people who are looking for a quick fix, for those looking to drop fifteen pounds before their vacation next week.

What this is: What I offer is a partnership centered around customizing a long-term nutrition and training plan based on a realistic, achievable timetable to help YOU reach YOUR goals.